Manuscripts and abstracts accepted for publication or in press will be posted here. Once they are published on line or in print we will shift them to the bibliography

Validation of an accelerated high sensitivity troponin T assay protocol in an Australian cohort with chest pain Parsonage W, Greenslade J, Hammett C, Lamanna A, Tate J, Ungerer J, Chu K, Brown A, Cullen L.  Accepted for publication in The Medical Journal of Australia – should be in press in Jan 2014

The new Vancouver Chest Pain Rule using troponin as the only biomarker: An external validation study. Cullen L, Greenslade JH, Than M, Brown A, Hammett CJ, Lamanna A, Flaws DF, Chu K, Fowles LF, Parsonage WA. Accepted for publication in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine

Development and validation of the Emergency-Department Assessment Chest-pain Score and 2-hour Accelerated Diagnostic Protocol Than M, Flaws D, Sanders S, Doust J, Glasziou P, Kline J, Aldous S, Troughton R, Reid C, Parsonage WA, Frampton C,  Greenslade JH, Deely JM, Hess E, Bin Sadiq A, Singleton R, Shopland R, Vercoe L, Woolhouse-Williams M, Ardagh M, Bossuyt P, Cullen L. Accepted for publication in Emergency Medicine Australasia

Updated November 10th 2013

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  3. […] had to update the 'In Press…' page […]

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