The ACRE Project has set out, over the last couple of years, to implement an accelerated diagnostic protocol (ADP) for patients presenting to emergency departments with chest pain and possible heart attack across public hospitals in Queensland, Australia.

It’s exciting to now see the results of this implementation. Uptake has been widespread across the state at sites as far afield as the Gold Coast and Townsville (that’s about 1450km for those who aren’t familiar with the size of Queensland!)

Preliminary data from the first 12 hospitals were presented at last weeks Cardiac Society of Australia & New Zealand meeting in Melbourne. You can download a copy of the data here CSANZ 2015 poster_ACRE_FINAL .

In short we’ve seen that the ADP defines around 24% of patients as low risk and suitable for safe, early discharge. This resulted in a reduction in hospital length of stay of 34% (About 400 minutes per patient) and a 12% reduction in admission rates for chest pain.

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The Accelerated Chest Pain Risk Evaluation (ACRE) project is a statewide project supported by the Queensland Health Clinical Access and Redesign Unit (CARU) under the Health Innovation Fund (HIF).
When complete, the project has the potential to impact the care of up to 15,000 patients per year across Queensland, with potential estimated savings of approximately $21 million per year.
Translating research findings into practice, the project has already made rapid improvements in the assessment process of patients presenting with chest pain to Queensland emergency departments.

Find out more about the ACRE project here…

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The ACRE story was featured on the ABC TV news on Saturday night.

You can see it here.

Sarah Ashover recently presented the outcomes of the ACRE project at the 2013 RBWH Healthcare Symposium. Her excellent presentation was rewarded with both the RBWH Innovative Award and also the RBWH Foundation Award and Medal for Best Overall Research.

A fantastic effort – not least because with the way the symposium was run she had less than 24 hours to prepare the presentation!

This is the second consecutive year that our research and redesign work has been recognised at the symposium but this result was particularly welcome, if a little unexpected. In fact, so unexpected that we had no-one in the building available to pick up the prizes (thanks to John Atherton for stepping in).

Congratulations to all involved, including the team at Nambour who were pivotal in the implementation of the ACRE pilot, but especially to Sarah!

RBWH Symposium Certificate 1 RBWH Foundation MedalRBWH Symposium Certificate 2